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  • About Lucala



    At present, Lucala Lighting is focusing on LED light source, street light, architectural light, landscape light, office light and other sub-markets.

    Lighting Design



    LUCALA in the light of art design advocating nature, art, humanity, emotion and science and technology of the five elements of the integration of the use, so that the creation of wings, let the light to the building and space in the life and soul!

    Light Experience



    LUCALA respectively in Shanghai and Qidong build products exhibition hall and light experience Museum. Among them, Shanghai 200 square meters exhibition hall products has in March 2014 completion and opening.

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    Jiangsu Lucala Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.

    Qidong: No.612, HuashiRd., Qidong City, Jiangsu Province
    Tel: +86-(0)513-83615785
    Fax: +86-(0)513-83615723